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New Children's book Series:

"Glory Be Stories"

I'm so excited to share these relatable characters to help children manage feelings and learn how to grow up happy and understood!

Audiobook is now available!
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Parenting Well After Childhood Abuse: Be a Great Parent Even if Yours Were Crap

Thank you for your interest in this important book!

Buy it as an eBook, Paperback or Audiobook.

Don't forget to get your companion Workbook to make it personal to you.

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Madison O.

Parenting Well after Abuse is not just for someone who has been abused but for anyone who is thinking of becoming a parent. The book has great advice and strategies for empowering and building resilience in children. Very great read that I couldn’t put down. I suggest it to any parent or anyone that engages with children.


Phoebe Michelle

This is not a “Hey, try this” book from some phD who compiled a list of “good ideas.” The knowledge comes from real “in the trenches” experience that the author has actually grappled with.


Beth F.

It is refreshing and uplifting to see the ways that she has overcome childhood abuse and made her children's lives so much better than hers was. Her advice is straightforward and practical and gives all parents a good framework for raising emotionally healthy children.

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