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All parents have questions about how to best help their kids. I've done some research!
Check out this helpful resource

Are you Already Perfect (1)_edited_edite
For Survivors of Abuse
  • Do you struggle with shame and guilt?

  • Do you feel unsupported emotionally?

  • Do you feel alone?

For All Parents
  • Do you want to get your anger under control?

  • Do you feel like you're not doing a good enough job?

  • At a loss of how to talk to your teen?

Want a helpful resource?

Check out my book, Parenting Well After Childhood Abuse

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Parenting is hard and it's made more difficult if you were abused as a child.  There are struggles with self-esteem, shame, pain and anger that can affect how you treat yourself and your ability to take care of your family.

This is a guidebook and roadmap of how the author found healing and resources to become a good parent. It encourages survivors to get help and includes ideas about healing yourself.

There are many practical tips for parents; about teaching responsibility, parent mindset, accepting feelings, keeping children safe and much more.

The author shares some of her story of being a small victim of sexual abuse, but mainly tells of her quest to overcome the long-term effects.

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My first podcast appearance was talking about healing and happiness with Rena Romano:

Episode 50 - Rena Romano Chats with Geanne Meta "Parenting Well After Child Abuse"
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